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Celebrating Luxury Moment Photography's Third Anniversary!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Today Feb 6th, we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary at Luxury Moment Photography!

As we are looking back on our accomplishments and achievements from the past three years and planning for another wonderful year! 2019 will definitely be another exciting year ahead filled with some major projects and expansions that we are currently working on. We will also be coming up with some new products, such as our Photo Booth 2.0, new album options and many more exciting projects and services.

Thank you all who have been following us since 2016 and for your trust in us to capture your life-changing moments (with over 50 weddings yay)! We welcome those who have joined Luxury Moment Photography family recently! We simply can't wait to capture your amazing weddings in 2019!

Here are some of the key highlight of 2018 and projects in the pipeline for 2019 that we would like to share with all of you:

# Best of 2018: 🎉 Obtained one of our lifetime accomplishment: won 1 second place and 3 silver awards first attempt and 1 silver in the second half of 2018 in WPPI (the most prestigious & world wide recognized wedding photography competition).

🎉 Got the exclusive permission to be the first and only Montreal Photographer & Videographer to take pre-wedding photos and Videos at Habitat 67.⁣

🎉 Successfully organized and attend our first Bridal Show at @elegantweddingmagazine 🎉 Continuously Photographing commercial products images for two of the biggest cosmetic brands in France. ⁣

🎉 Successfully Launched our Pre-wedding Cinematic Videography Service. ⁣

🎉 Hit our objective to photographed over 20 amazing weddings in 2018.. ⁣

🎉 Successfully collaborated with 3 amazing styled shoots with some best vendors in town.⁣

🎉 First Commercial Fashion Photoshoot for @afterworkboutique ⁣

🎉 Reached first 1k likes on our Facebook Page.

🎉 Over 4K followers with 32k likes in 2018! ⁣ 2018 is definitely one of the best year so far because of you! All of you! 💕

2019 (#coming up)

"What is expected is not to maintain the record, but keep breaking it!"

# Re-Branding

Luxury Moment Photography has been dedicated to the beauty of details of every piece of work and focusing on the overall design of our logo and website, which will adopt visual colour system of new brand, making repeated consideration and modification from color-matching, font, typesetting and size adjusting with a view to present an overall style in simplicity and exquisiteness.

This year, Luxury Moment Photography will be going through a series of re-branding processes, from designing our logo & website to packagings and albums. From adding our Photo Booth 2.0 to our high quality red-carpet on spot printing service.

With all these changes, we are hoping to provide you a brand new and better version of us. And to provide you with the best experience to align with our vision & mission, make the ordinary Extraordinary! With that being said, don't forget to stay tuned for more exciting news!

# Competitions

Every year, Luxury Moment photography encourages every photographer and videographer of our Luxury Moment Photography team to participate in different worldwide competitions to test their results of work and continue to learn from the best colleagues of the industry.

2019 will also marked our first year participating in both PRINT AND FILM competition in Vegas!

# Activities

Aside from all the fabulous upcoming weddings in 2019 for our amazing couples, we will also be collaborating more often this year with some most amazing vendors in town for some creative style shoots in Montreal and in Vegas (Feb).

We will continue to photograph for some of the biggest cosmetic brands in Canada (Such as Avene and Klorane). In addition, we are also hoping to expand our services into corporate, fashion and portraits.

avene photoshoot

Open house hosted by Gold Diva Events at one of the most elegant hotels in Montreal, Omni Hotel. (We will be posting a blog this week of this amazing event, in case if you missed it :)).

omni open house

We will be showcasing our works again at Elegant Wedding Show this November!

montreal elegant wedding

# Vision

Luxury Moment Photography truly believe in our vision and mission, "Make the Ordinary Extraordinary!" we strongly believe that this is what motivates us to do better and better every year.


The last keyword is for you who have always supported and trust in Luxury Moment Photography! Thank you all for being with us on our amazing journey! We'd definitely love to hear more from you and keep learning & improving in the near future!

Let us know what are your thoughts and what would you like to share with us!

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