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Meaningful Reasons Why You Should Definitely Have Your Pre-Wedding Photography

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Montreal prewedding photo

Most Asian couple should be very familiar with the famous pre-wedding photography, because couple in Asia value this type of photos more than the actual wedding day photos. But now you may ask, what is pre-wedding photography and how does this type of photo session add value to your memory. Basically, pre-wedding photography is just like engagement session, which usually takes place between 6 months to a year prior to the wedding day. The only difference between pre-wedding photography and engagement session is that you will wear your wedding gown during the photoshoot.

Sounds crazy, right? You may now think about your first look or letting your groom to see your dress at the wedding ceremony. But listen up closely, by the end of this blog, you will find a lot of benefits to a pre-wedding photoshoot. Just like the engagement session, the pre-wedding photoshoot can help you in several ways. Let us list a few common benefits here to explain you the value of engagement session and pre-wedding photo shoot. Ready?!

Here are some common benefits:

  1. You can get to know your photographer/s, build a good rapport and trust with your photographer, especially if we will be the one who document your fabulous wedding day. (Result: You will feel more at ease with your photographer/s, which also means you will have more beautiful candid and pose shots and more gorgeous pictures in general!! How amazing is that! Right!).

  2. During the photoshoot session, our photographer/s will be giving you directions for posing and how to look your best in front of the camera and also to create suitable settings/scenarios that will flatter the both of you during your engagement, prewedding photoshoot and wedding day. (Results: you will learn a bit of how to pose, your best angle and also get to know our shooting style).

  3. You will get to see professional photos of yourselves before the wedding. (Result: you can let your photographer knows what are important for you, what you like and what you don’t like)

  4. To test your hair and makeup trial, we can stress the importance of having your trial of hair and makeup done on the same day as your engagement session or/and pre-wedding photoshoot. This allows you to see how it looks in photos and you can let your stylists know if there’s anything you’d like to change.

  5. Engagement and pre-wedding photos are one of the very first things friends and family anticipate seeing after you’ve shown everyone the ring. Oftentimes, you’ll even use these nice photos for your wedding invites, save the dates and you can even use them for canvas and album.

  6. And so much more...

Now you’ve know a bit more about the engagement, pre-wedding photoshoot and its importance and benefits. It’s time to tell you more about pre-wedding's own benefits.

montreal prewedding photo

As mentioned earlier, pre-wedding is very much similar to the engagement session except, you will be wearing your wedding gown and wedding tuxedo during the photoshoot and these pictures are more fine art and elegant, you can also take these pictures anywhere you want, not just in Montreal but anywhere in the world (E.g., Iceland, Italy, Paris, Santorini, New York, Prague and so much more beautiful places!!). These sessions can last anywhere from a three hours photo shoot to a multi-day marathon involving rented cars and airplanes, wardrobe changes, prop weapons, and stunning make up! They truly are an experience. Think about pre-wedding photoshoot as doing your first look on another day before your actual wedding day. The pre-wedding session is definitely something bigger, something bolder, something mind-blowingly fun! Sure, you might think we can always do a day after or trash the dress session but the mindset is different, whether we want to admit it or not, once the wedding is over,

The wedding excitement slowly tapers off. Just ask yourself, would you want the standard “engagement session/everyday session” photo instead of some mind-blowing fine art pre-wedding photos?

All that being said, not only you will get the common engagement session benefits but also these pre-wedding photoshoot benefits:

  1. It gives you a sneak preview on how you may look like on the actual wedding day in your gorgeous gown and wedding tuxedo.

  2. It is a way to relieve your wedding planning ‘stress’. Save more time on your Wedding day and less stressful. Taking pictures in a carefree and relaxed atmosphere will definitely translate to some awesome pictures of the two of you.

  3. The possibility of taking picture with your stunning wedding gown at a location of your choice, it can be somewhere meaningful in Montreal or anywhere in the world that you can possible think of!

  4. More creative and mind blowing fine art pictures in your wedding gowns and suit.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous bridal portrait!

  6. Imagine how nice it will be to be flipping through these albums 10 years down the road. You may also create an album only with these mind blowing pictures! Or create a guestbook or canvas of it at your reception!

Let’s turn the pre-wedding session into a new, exciting experience! Are you convinced? Are you ready to get yours? Oh just another great news before you turn down this creative mind blowing concept, just in case you're still not convinced to wear your wedding gown and want to save it for the first look on wedding day, we do also provide wedding gowns rental services, reach out to us to let us plan for your amazing pre-wedding photo session now!

p.s Our rental dresses includes: White, black, red gowns (Rental price ranges from $100-200 per day). Please contact us for additional information!

montreal prewedding photo
Montreal prewedding

montreal prewedding photo

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