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Luxury Moment Photography's Step-by-step Montreal Wedding Photography & Videography Experience Guide

Updated: May 11, 2020

montreal wedding photographer

Congratulations! It’s done! You booked your montreal wedding reception! Choosing your Montreal wedding photographer and/or videographer is one of the most important steps in planning your dream wedding. Thank you so much for booking us to be your wedding photographer and/or videographer. No, really, thank you! Without amazing couples like you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love to do! Our couples often ask us “What’s Next?” as they sign their luxury moment photography contract and are ready to embark on their wedding planning process. Well, in order to make the whole journey as simple and fun as possible, we made sure to streamline your Luxury Moment Photography experience so YOU could get the absolute BEST out of it. The info in this blog post will explain everything from A to Z and as easy as A-B-C – so keep this guide in a safe and handy place.

Here’s your Luxury Moment Photography step-by-step wedding photography guide:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Luxury Moment Photography Workflow:

From the moment you signed your contract to reserve your wedding day with Luxury Moment Photography to your final wedding photography/video reveal, you will be guided by our diligent team (Betty, Leslie and/or Jimmy) who will be there every step of the way. They are your first point of contact and will do anything in their power to make the whole experience as flawless as your wedding photos! Check out our about us here to learn more about each of our professional photographer and videographer. They will introduce you to the LMP Workflow which is as easy as A-B-C. Right after you have your signed the contract, you should be expecting an email from our team in within the next 12 hours for what to expect (with details bullet-point check list of our future interactions of how we can prepare/help to facilitate the process, the planning and the entire experience).

1. Meet Your Montreal Wedding Photographer and/or videographer

We always recommend meeting your wedding photographer and/or videographer face to face at least once before the wedding. It helps to build rapport and familiarize yourself with the person that is going to spend their entire day photographing and/or filming your wedding. Let's schedule a meeting and grab a coffee together before your wedding to go over all the small details, your wedding timeline and simply get to know each other.

2. Schedule your Photo shoot Session

AKA Engagement photos. There are so many reasons to why you should have one before your wedding day. Check out our blog post here where we discuss it in more details. Top this things to consider:

  • Discuss a location with your photographer that you will feel really comfortable in. Check out our Montreal photography locations guide from some recommendations and ideas.

  • Wear complimentary clothing and try to stay away from busy patterns and logos. For women, try wearing flowy clothing and soft tones. Bring some fun props to help tell your story – your cute pets, your dusty old polaroid camera, a bouquet, etc. (Stay tuned! We are currently working on our engagement session Guide for our couples.)

  • We love the sun. If the weather calls for rain we’ll book another day for the shoot. But if you would like to keep the romantic rainy day. We can definitely keep the same schedule and have some fun in the rain (Not when it is pouring and too windy, a bit of rain is romantic but when it's too much, it will not be a good weather condition ;))

  • Send us some pictures of your living space. This will help us get an idea of what you’re all about and match any prints and frames to your decor. We shoot for design! Or if you would like to schedule your photo session at your home-sweet-home.

3. Finalize Your Wedding Day Timeline

Timeline, timeline, timeline. We simply can’t stress enough how important sticking to a wedding day timeline is. Feel free to tap our photographers’ brains on how to settle on a schedule that is RIGHT for you. No wedding is the same, so your wedding day schedule will always be unique. It will depend on your wedding venue and how far you’re getting ready locations are. The size of your bridal party and family group photos are also big factors. When talking to your Montreal wedding photographer, make sure you give all the information (even the smallest details) that will help us design your wedding schedule properly. One service we offer to all our couples at Luxury Moment Photography is that we will be there to help you to prepare for your picture-perfect wedding day. Two to three months before your wedding day, we will be sending out an online questionnaire for you to fill out so that we can get to know you and your wedding day better. Right after we received your wedding day questionnaire, we will be drafting a customized tentative timeline to ensure that we have enough time to cover each sessions on your fabulous wedding day. Check out our blog here for the ultimate timeline guide for your picture perfect wedding day.

montreal wedding photographer

From our experience these are the rules of thumb to keep in mind:

  • Allocate at least 1 hour for bride and groom getting ready photos each. This will help tell a full and comprehensive story of your happiest day that includes a nice mix of story telling detail shots, candid photos as well as some editorial style portraiture.

  • Allocate at least 1 hour for couple’s photos without the bridal party. We are often asked how much time you should allocate for creative photos, and our answer is always as much as possible! 1 to 2 hours (especially when you have a videographer) is usually enough to create flawless and unique wedding day portraits. Take this time slowly and enjoy your newly found status as a bride and groom!

  • Allocate at least 45mins to 1 hour for family photos. It’s usually best when you schedule them right after the ceremony or just before the reception. This way it’s easier to gather everyone in one spot and make sure they pay attention to the camera! People will want to congratulate you as they’re excited, so 1 hour is usually enough to produce great family photos and make sure everyone gets their much deserved one on one time with you.

montreal wedding photographer
montreal wedding photographer
montreal wedding photographer
montreal wedding photographer

4. Finally your wedding is here - Enjoy Your Wedding!

The final step is to sit back and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest! It’s always rewarding to see all the planning come to fruition. The wedding day, as magical and thrilling as it is, will pass so quickly! Our biggest piece of advice for brides in the morning is to not stress every detail and let your planners and photographers take care of the details. After all, this is why you’re working with us in the first place! You’re in the best hands in town, so be a bride and simply live your wedding day to the fullest!

montreal wedding photographer
montreal wedding photographer

5. Post Wedding- Wedding Photo and/or video Reveal Session

Once the wedding day is over, we will invite you to your photo reveal which is essentially another great excuse for your family to get together and relive the magic. Luxury Moment Photography team takes over here, and helps you create beautiful elegant albums and printed artwork(such as prints and canvas). There’s nothing more satisfying than flipping through your wedding album pages and having a tangible token of your special day. We love making our signature wedding albums and we think we make the best ones in the business (everything is handcraft in Italy, you can learn more about our albums collection here)! Contact us here to inquire about our wedding albums and prints. At this point you will be hooked up with our team of designers to come up with your custom art piece.

montreal wedding album

That’s it! Of course, your Montreal wedding photography and/or videography with Luxury Moment Photography experience doesn’t end here. On the contrary, it’s just the beginning! We love seeing our couples return for their anniversary, maternity and family photo sessions. We love photographing their families over the Holidays and creating printed pieces for every new addition to the family, big or small. After all, “They Lived Happily Ever After” starts when your wedding day ends, and we’ll be there capturing your every happy moment by "Make the Ordinary Extraordinary" and turning all the pictures into masterpieces.

We are looking forward to hear and capture your love story! Make a reservation for pre-wedding consultation with your Montreal Wedding Photographer now by clicking and filling the following form

montreal wedding photographer
montreal wedding photographer

Welcome to our Montreal wedding photography blog. Please visit our wedding portfolio here and my engagement portfolio here.  We are an international award-winning, published Montreal wedding photographer also specializing in portrait, corporate, maternity and boudoir photography and deeply passionate about destination weddings. We shoot primarily in the Greater Montreal and Toronto area but also love traveling for work! Some destinations we have shot in are Quebec and colorful Mexico as well as California, Las Vegas/Nevada, New Orleans, and Asia. Since 2016, we have shot over 100 weddings and continue to love what we do so very much. When you’re always surrounded by love, happiness, and contagious, happy energy, what’s not to love?  We are currently booking for 2021 weddings, so message us soon with any inquiries you may have about your portrait or wedding photography. Contact us here or email us

Much Love,

Luxury Moment Photography

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