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Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Winter Wedding Photos

Updated: May 11, 2020

montreal wedding photographer

A Montreal wedding photographer’s expert tips:

We might all know that winter might not be the most popular time to get married. However, our experience over the past few years at Luxury Moment Photography might prove that winter weddings are actually getting quite popular! We have been so blessed to photograph some of the most romantic and magical winter wedding out there, which shows this time of the year does produce some breathtaking pictures.

However, it seems like there is still some skepticism when it comes to winter weddings and especially winter wedding photos. As much as you love winter, it’s only natural that you might be worried about the weather and the cold. It’s not easy to look cute and happy in love when it’s -20C degrees outside and you’re shivering from the wind chills (Oh yes we feel you, especially with Montreal's unpredictable weather). However, we are still convinced if executed and planned accordingly, the cold weather and snow can add that magic touch to your wedding photos. Just like when we encouraged you to snap photos with the best fall foliage, delicate spring cherry blooms or pose in the summer sunshine, we are here to tell you that snowy wedding photos are pretty much the best! Yes Indeed it's cold but definitely worth the effort! And we are sure you'd be amazed by the results!

With snow in the forecast, let’s focus on the romance, coziness and soft white snowflakes that make your photos magical, romantic, fairytale and unique. We thought it would be great to share some ideas and tips on how to make the most out of your winter wedding photos as a Montreal wedding photographer. Pin and share it!

Here are some of our tips on taking the winter wedding photos that are all style and no stress:

Enjoy and Embrace the Season

Think of all the creative possibilities that winter weddings bring. Whether you wake up on the big day to 20 centimetres of snow or see some flurries as you enter your venue, there’s a magical component to all those sparkling white flakes. When it comes to spectacular wedding photos, snow virtually guarantees an awe-inspiring natural romantic backdrop. If it’s snowing, make sure to go outside as part of your photo session. Don’t fight the weather and let the season’s magic fill your photos with that extra touch of bliss. We only need 15-20 mins to make everything look magical.

montreal wedding photographer

Choose a Picturesque Location

As always, think about the locations and choosing the most picturesque spots your priority. If there’s a snow-covered park on your way from ceremony venue to the wedding reception, stop by to take some breathtaking images. Having an indoor plan is always a good idea (in case of snow storm or freezing rains), but don’t be compelled to stick with only indoor photo options, as you only have one opportunity to take those romantic snowy photos. Feel free to pick your photographer’s brain on the best wedding photo locations in the city. They will surely have some great ideas! Choose any outdoor locations, parks, open field anything that would make your winter wedding pictures perfect!

montreal wedding photographer

Invest in Picture-Perfect Winter Accessories - Make sure you wear the appropriate attire

Ladies, how about bringing a pair of cute winter boots to wear during your pictures? Your dress is likely to cover the boots and you will be able to walk from one location to another without ruining your shoes. Also, think about bringing some elegant jackets or faux fur wraps. When we see my winter brides wearing stylish wraps I’m in wedding photographer’s heaven!  I not only love the look, I’m happy because my bride will be able to stay outside comfortably. If a cape, fur or an elegant cardie is not an option, go for a long sleeve wedding dress. If it's very cold, you can always wear thick tights under your wedding dress (as long as your gown is long) nobody will know! This tips also goes for your bridesmaids.

Keep Your Eyes on the Clock - Be aware of that extra travel time

While winter daylight lends itself to soft and magical light, the days are much shorter. I always recommend scheduling your winter wedding photos in the morning or early afternoon when there is plenty of beautiful glowing sunlight. Don’t worry about harsh light this time of year, as winter’s overcast clouds act as a giant softbox making it possible to shoot anywhere you want.

Sometimes snowy weather always means bad traffic, so give extra time for travel to your ceremony - no matter how near or far you are going.

montreal wedding photographer

Don't Forget Beauty Prep

Dry skin and chapped lips are inevitable in winter. Keep your lips as moisturized as possible, bring your chapstick in your purse on the day and make sure to bring your favourite hand cream. If you are not going to bring a purse or a clutch with you, make sure to ask one of your bridesmaids to bring it for you.

Winter Wedding Colour Palette

Decorate in rich warm tones such as burgundy, black, gold and berry red colour definitely helps to pop. Bridesmaids in glitter or gold definitely look wonderful in photos.

montreal wedding photographer

Think About Your Gorgeous Winter Photos!

We understand that a chilly wedding photo session isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun pre-wedding activity. But why pick a winter wedding date if you don’t want to take advantage of the unique attributes of the season? Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you want to make it as memorable as you possibly can. When you’re feeling reluctant to go outside to snap a few shots, think about how romantic and magical your wedding photos will look! With the snow-covered ground and the snowflakes floating in the air, you have a perfect chance to grab a few breathtaking images. While you might have a few uncomfortable or chilly minutes, they’re well worth it to capture all the beauty your wedding season has to offer.

Some Extra tips

To protect you from getting too cold while taking beautiful pictures - bring some warm hand/body warmer patches (Amazon Link)

With all being said, if you are still not convinced for winter wedding photos? No problem, stay tuned for our next blog post on - Where to take winter photos, we hope you will get inspired and change your mind about winter wedding photos! :)

Booking now for weddings 2020 - 2021! We would love to hear your love stories and learn more about your special day! Contact us to reserve your pre-wedding consultation with us now!

montreal wedding photographer
montreal wedding photographer

(Photos by: Betty Ma From Luxury Moment Photography (c))

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