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5 Reasons why You should Invest In a Wedding Album

Updated: May 11, 2020

You choose your wedding photographer and now you need to decide which package is the right one for you. "Album or no album, that is the real question"! This week we are sharing with you 5 top reasons why you should opt for a package with a wedding album and also what are the different kinds of wedding albums that we are offering at Luxury Moment Photography- Montreal wedding photographer.

Reason 1. Tangible Heirloom

We absolutely love it when our couples turn their wedding photos into stunning, timeless, printed wedding albums. The wedding only lasts a few hours, but the photos and videos last for generations. It is easy to just leave your wedding photos on a USB drive or saved somewhere on your computer, but a printed photo is tangible, real and the only heirloom that you can past on to your next generations. When it's tucked away in some folder on your computer, it ceases to remind you of its existence. Your wedding photos should never be a vague memory, so printing your wedding photos in an album is definitely a great idea to keep your memories alive and fresh. To us, a wedding album is truly an heirloom, something that you can hold, share and tell stories to your kids and your grand kids to show them where they came from. That is why We get super excited every time when our client ask us about wedding albums! Here at Luxury Moment Photography, we take great pride into sourcing, designing and delivering the best of the best high-end wedding albums in town, and today another reason why we are sharing this blog is because we decided to share what we have in store for you, once you said your "I Do's".

The below shows some pictures and a video of:

A) Our signature 13 x 9.5" luxury flat-lay album with optional 10" integrated monitor handcraft in Italy.

You will find a true art form in our signature Luxury Lay flat albums collection. Each book combines our visual artistry with premium grade printing and paper, designed with our team's great care and an eye for design. This exquisite flush mount album gives a timeless sense of beauty and refinement and is perfect for clients who are looking to have their memories preserved in the finest way.

Album Info:

  • Book and box all customizable with different material + one line of embossed or raised foil option

  • Pages: 30 pg or more (Additional page available upon request)

  • Available Sizes: 12 x 8", 13x9.5", 16x12, 18 x 14"

  • Premium Lustre Photo paper (Available in thick or rigid pages)

  • Lay flat continuous Binding

montreal wedding album

b) Luxury Moment Coffee Table book

This is the ideal book for your engagement session, pre-wedding photos and also one of the popular option to use it as guestbook. It also comes with cover, box and sateen ribbon in 28 colours or with a printed images, plus customizations with overprinting and varnishing. It is also Layflat continuous binding.

Album info:

  • Square Book and box all customizable with different material + one line of embossed or raised foil option

  • Pages: 20 pg or more (Additional page available upon request)

  • Available Sizes: 8x8" or 9.5x9.5"

  • Premium Lustre Photo paper (Available in thick or rigid pages)

  • Lay flat continuous Binding

montreal wedding album

All our albums collection are all carefully designed by our photographer Betty Ma and all handmade in Italy. They are also guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Reason #2) It's your Legacy

We know that planning a wedding is not simply or cheap and you probably think that opting for the most expensive package is not what you should do. Even though wedding albums are costly, you should consider having one. Think about your parents, your children and grandchildren, for example. We always think that having a wedding album is just a great way to tell your story, the love story of how your family began.

You chose your wedding photographer and now you need to decide which package is the right one for you. “Album or no album, that is the question”! This week I am sharing with you 3 reasons why you should opt for a package with a wedding album. Oh, and I am including a fourth reason as a bonus, just because there are so many good reasons why you should get a wedding album with your photography package!

So here goes…

I remember tenderly as a child, my grandmother telling us stories from the past… telling us about family members that were no longer with us and telling us all about hers and grandpa’s young days. I had to imagine most of it, because unfortunately she did not have the pictures to illustrate her story. Nowadays we can easily illustrate every grandmother’s story. It makes me so happy to hand design wedding albums for my clients so one day their future generation can flip through the pages of their story.

Reason #3) Technology is fast changing

I don't think we need to mention much about this one. As we are living in a tech-savvy century where everyone owns a phone. Just a few years ago, photographers were still proud to delivery the finals images on a personalized DVD. And guess what? Now DVDs are becoming obsolete, we have to buy an external disk drive to connect to our computer. And we recently had to purchase an adaptor to plug in the disk drive because our computer no longer has a usb port. It is crazy how technology is changing. Do I need to write about personalized USB drives? I think you get the point!

Good thing is prints will never become obsolete as it is tangible memories which you will be able to hold, look at it and flip through it.

Reason #4) Show off the result of months of planning

You planned your dream wedding for months. You spent several thousands of dollars on your special day. Why not show it off? Ok, you may say: “I did, I shared the images on social media”. We totally get that! While we are also a huge fan of social media, just as technology, we don’t know how long these websites will be available.

Reason #5) A timeless home decor

Also, albums make for great coffee table decor at your new home! Guests can flip through the pages of your wedding album and relive one of the best days of your life. And those who were not there can see how beautiful and detailed your day was.

Lastly, most couples never end up printing their images if they don’t get it through their photographer. Life goes by so quickly and then one day you realize years have come and gone and you still haven’t designed and printed your album. By choosing a package with an album you guarantee to have your album just a few months after you say “I do”.

What's our Album Order Procedures?

Once you have placed your order for an album, our designers will create a digital design of your album that will showcase your wedding photos in a most beautiful way. We take composition, colors and framing into consideration when we put your wedding photos together. We strive for perfection in everything we do, and our album design process is no exception. Being storytellers first and foremost, our team’s goal is to tell a complete story of your wedding day in photos and lay it out beautifully within an album. Laying out the spreads is so much fun – being able to pair moments together as we remembered them, and creating a series of photos really brings them to life. As a result, we present a stunning story of your wedding day, filled with heart and a love of our craft. 

We really hope this helps you when deciding which photography package and album that is right for you. If you have any additional questions about albums and products, or if you want to see our albums collections in person, please contact us here and we will be more than happy to assist in any way, meet with you to learn more about your fabulous wedding and guide you through the printing process!

We will also be at the Omni Hotel 's open house this Saturday from 11pm-4pm, drop by to say hi and to take a close look to our album collections.

Address: 1050 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H3A 2R6

montreal wedding album

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