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hOW TO PLAN YOUR Elopement or intimate wedding 

During the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic 

Simply Magical Collections For Elopements

& Intimate Weddings


New Offers for Summer, Fall & Winter 2021-22



We want to start this off by saying, We do feel for you right now. These past months have been quite a wild ride for the entire world and we have been helping our AMAZING, thoughtful, wonderful couples navigate this experience of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and their intimate weddings or elopements. There are so many disruptions going on in everyone’s lives and we are in no way downplaying the severity of the situation right now, but, we also know that the show must go on and love is not cancelled. In our own studio, we have had to pivot along with everyone else from scheduling to finances, come up with solutions, and help keep my couples feeling good, calm, and supported. We are thinking about you and that is the reason why we are introducing our Simply Magical intimate wedding collections to you. Whether you've postponed, downsize or cancel your wedding due to the global pandemic, this is the perfect intimate celebration. Ready to say I do?


What does Covid-19 mean for your wedding plans? 

We know many couples are hearing the similar devastating news that their wedding cannot go ahead when planned due to Covid-19. But this is not over, don’t cancel your wedding and all the beautiful hopes and dreams that come with it, reschedule your date! Many suppliers will work with you on this because we do genuinely care.


We are Celebrating love in the most magical way! Brought to you by Luxury Moment Photography team, our new Simply Magical Collections are designed for those of you who just cannot wait to marry the love of your life. How amazing is that if we are telling you that you can now essentially split the ‘legal’ ceremony and the party! You almost get the best of both worlds really.

Imagine running away later this summer to a magical place to elope with your partner on top of a beautiful mountain or having an intimate backyard wedding. Just the two of you, a witness, a celebrant, and us! It would be so perfect and romantic! Then whenever you plan your celebration for next year – you will have these beautiful photos and videos to share with all your friends and family.

We think intimate weddings will become the new craze, although we’ve been crazy about them for a long time. Intimate weddings and Elopements are currently the safest options given the small number of people (& dogs) in attendance. It may not be what you had planned, but let me share a few reasons why they are wonderful!




This is perfect for

  • Couples that want a one-of-a-kind experience for their specially selected guests

  • Couples who still want to celebrate on their original wedding day.

  • Destination couples who are looking to make it official before they jet off to celebrate

  • Couples looking to renew their vows

  • Want some beautiful portraits and videos at a magical place while celebrating with your love ones. 


Check out our Wedding Day highlight Slideshow here.

montreal intimate wedding

The Big Day

With all the planning complete, you can relax and enjoy your big day! We work as unobtrusively as possible to document your ceremony, allowing us to capture all the raw emotion and breathtaking scenery without intruding.

After the ceremony, we'll be free to explore a few select locations for your couples photos. We'll be able to go for a short hike or stroll to a few roadside locations that are just as beautiful.

Our goal is to create works of art that you'll want to print and hang in your home for years to come!

Montreal Elopement & Intimate Wedding


The Government of Quebec has laid out some rules regarding group gatherings. Full details can be found on their website.


During your elopement/ intimate wedding, your wedding commissioner, photographer/s and videographer/s will stand at least 2 metres away from you, and your guests will need to maintain their distance as well. From a photography point of view, this doesn't hinder our abilities to capture your ceremony and couples photos. Also, we won't be carpooling to photography locations.  


The Quebec government has officially announced as of May 23rd, outdoor weddings with less than 10 people (max of 3 households) are allowed to proceed as long as social distancing rules are maintained. With most wedding venues closed, elopements and intimate weddings with a limited number of guests (or just you two) are the best way to get married this summer, fall, and even winter, especially since the group size regulations are constantly changing. 


Check out what we are up to! 

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