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Fine Art, Elegant, Timeless and Creative Story-telling images for couples who value emotional moments

Luxury Moment Photography is an International Award-winning photography and cinematography studio based in Montreal, Canada. We are also available to travel to Toronto and anywhere around the world. Our love for wedding photography and cinematography has allowed us to create a brand that is fine-art, detail-oriented, blending with creative story-telling photography and modern fashion influence portraitures. Luxury Moment Photography is honored to have been acknowledged with accolades of excellence at the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) and ASIAWPA (Asia Wedding Professionals Association) in both digital and print competitions. Rated top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in Montreal by Elegant Wedding Magazine and has been ranked Top 8 professional wedding photographer in Canada (PWPC). Our team strives to Make the Ordinary Extraordinary on your life-changing events.

The name "Luxury Moment" comes from the first letter of both of our co-founders' last names, Leslie Li (L) & Betty Ma (M), and we found the best word combination Luxury Moment to represent our brand and vision. "Our love for wedding photography has allowed us to create a brand that is art-focused, blending traditional photography, creative photojournalism, and modern fashion influenced portraiture. Our work has allowed us to travel to many locations throughout the world". The elegance and beauty of a perfectly captured moment is our ultimate goal behind every single shoot. The unrivaled team consists of experienced and passionate wedding photographers and cinematographers. Together, we aim to create joyful, flawless memories with our clients, and catch raw emotion through our detail-oriented work. With One Team and One Dream in mind, we promise to bring laughter and love, alongside fun and wonderful people. Embark upon your once in a lifetime experience, and know that Luxury Moment Photography will be right behind to capture every graceful second and turn every single moment into timeless art pieces. 

If you have any questions about our Montreal Wedding Photography, please feel free to contact us anytime.

montreal wedding photographer
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montreal wedding photographer
montreal wedding photographer
montreal wedding photographer
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montreal wedding photographer
montreal wedding photographer
montreal wedding photographer
montreal wedding photographer

“Make the Ordinary Extraordinary - Creating masterpieces” 



Montreal / Toronto / International

About us

The best wedding photographer in Montreal. We are a photography and videography studio dedicated to create beautiful images and films that will live in your home and in your heart for generations to come.

Aside from providing you with timeless, creative and emotional portraits in a casual setting, an engagement session allows us to get to know each other before the “Big Day”. Engagement sessions all around Montreal area.

Pre or Post-wedding photography is like wedding photography but it is a photoshoot before or after your wedding day so that you can spend more time with just the two of you at a special location (Even outside of Montreal).


Now that your boo has popped the questions (congrats!), it's time to plan for your fabulous wedding and we fully understand how planning your big day can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time!

For this reason, it is our ultimate goal to make your wedding as carefree as possible. We believe that your comfort is paramount in creating fantastic wedding photographs and films. As your photographer and cinematographer, we will be the ones who will worry about how flattering the light is on you, where your photos and film will be taken, how relaxed and genuine you look. For you, we will capture the tears and laughter, your first kiss, and your killer dance moves. We will do a coffee-run if it means you and the people around you will have the energy to create amazing images on your magical day. We will be your biggest advocate. 

If you and your fiance(e) value the importance of photography and film in telling your journey, of which your wedding day is a milestone, get in touch with us! We are excited to work with you to tell your love story. Click the images below to view some of our favorite photography from Montreal and Toronto. Our goal is to create impactful photographs that blend emotion, creativity, and artistry for a truly differentiated end product and experience.